Friday, June 4, 2010

Balloning in Cappacocia is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is truely breath taking.

Cappadocia: The Land Of Beautiful Horses

I am not sure why this place is called "the land of beautiful horses". I guess the only reason that it is not named the land of beautiful balloons is because, 8,000 years ago when people first inhabited the area, hot air balloons were a bit scarce. That is not the case now. On any given day as the sun begins it's journey here, weather permitting, and it does permit about 300 days a year, you can see anywhere from 40 to 60 balloons gathered peacfully hovering above some of the most interesting terrain in the world. It all started nearly 20 years ago with one balloon and now there are 15 ride operators working here. And apparently it is the easist marketing sell ever. There is no shortage of passengers that are standing in line to pay 150 euros, (about $190) each to experience the "ride and veiw of a lifetime". They come in tour groups on buses that have come from trains, planes, and automobiles from around the world to lay eyes on this ancient place. And they are not disappointed. I am here for the season, which will last into November, to fly these monsters that carry the willing and fortunate, up to 8, 15, or 25 at a time. I hope to become more adapt at composing and editing on this site and provide anyone interested, thoughts and observations about life in Cappacocia. Stay tuned. By the way, so far, I have only seen a few horses, and I have to say, not really that beautiful.

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