Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crew Party!

Just a quick word since the photos say a thousand words: Crew Party at Capt'n David's house. Most (but not nearly all) of the folks who crew were there, there was food and 'ritas and more food, and then there were photos and reminiscing and stories retold and shared, videos, and companionship in the company of excellent friends.

It doesn't get any better than that.

On with the photos*!

Capt'n David laughing over an old photo of a much younger him. I guess they DID have cameras back then...

The first time I've ever seen Jim in anything but a baseball cap. Fancy!

(l to r) Crew Momma Joy, Treehopper (Paul,) Mrs. Treehoppper (Jessica,) David, and Corey, who made the arduous journey all the way from Natchez to be with us.

Treehopper and Sky

(l to r) David's head, Corey, Susie, Jim, Richard, Tracy, Joy, Jessica

I just have to say right up front that Crew Momma Joy makes the BEST huckleberry pie. If I lived under that roof I'd blow up so fast you'd have to tie a ground control line to me to keep me out of the trees.

* All but the last of the photos courtesy of Tracy, since I didn't get any that were nearly as good as hers.

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