Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pennington State Balloon Championships

Well, we may have been grounded yesterday due to inclement weather but that didn't stop us from making the Baton Rouge Advocate!

Read the entire article here.

Better yet, this morning we got up and about. A beautiful launch, a challenging chase through downtown Baton Rouge and the chance to get up close and personal to some very skilled flying by our pilot. Todays challenge included landing beanbags on two huge plastic "X"'s at two different targets. Some skilled flying brought Skybird in very close but a competitors balloon was directly UNDER her, which prevented a good aim at the first X.

The second target, however, very close to River Road and the LSU campus (geaux Tigers!) gave Cap'n David an excellent opportunity. A beautiful approach put Skybird, David and crewmemeber Roni right in line, and a good windup and toss put David and Skybird in fourth place for that competition. Places one through five were all carrying a monetary reward, so David was proud to be taking home some fuel money! A big open music festival field gave us a beatiful spot for a landing, and recovery was excellent, plus we got to enjoy the christening of some new balloonatics.

Keep hoping for good weather tonite and Sunday morning, and as time permits I'll keep updating. Plus, when I get back home and can download some photos we'll have some proof of some seriously skilled flying!

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Mark said...

I was there for one of those tethered rides. Thanks Skybird!